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GTS, sustainable for anti-corrosive and chemical application, consists of two split bodies and one piece of disc-stem that
are fully lined with teflon

Flange Rating ANSI CL. 150 / PN 10
Nominal Diameter DN50(2") to DN300(12")
Temperature Range -40°C (-40 F) to 175 C (350°F)
Working Pressure Max. 6 Bar
Features - virgin PTFE liner
- one piece PFA encapsulated disc-stem
- silicone back-up ring
- bi-directional sealing
- double structured stem packing
- low operating torque
Applications - general & petro chemical
- pulp / paper
- food and beverage
- steel and iron mill
- sugar refining
- sewage
Operating - manual hand lever / worm gear
- pneumatic actuator
- electric actuator
Options - anti-static device
- manual operator locking device
- plain disc (non-coated)
- mirror polished disc