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Having a combined function of GTD and MTD, the FSD gives
a tight shut-off at nominal pressure and temperature rating.

FSD sealing system consists of reinforced teflon and metal seat.
Although FSD has double seat structure, it requires relatively
low operating torque.
FSD valve works with the metal seat when a teflon seat has been burned out.
FSD provides the more reliability for steam and hot air line among its applications.
Flange Rating ANSI CL. 150 / CL. 300 / CL. 600
PN 10 / 16 / 25 / 40 / 64
Nominal Diameter DN50(2 ) to DN2100(84 )
Temperature Range -40°C (-40 F) to 250 C (480°F)
Working Pressure Full pressure rating
Features - tight shut-off at fire
- fire safety design
- light body weight
- compact design
- anti blowout shaft design
- facile maintenance
- excellent performance in steam service
Applications - general & petro chemical
- oil refinery / production
- steel and iron mill
- shipbuilding
- combined / nuclear power plant
- other plant engineering
Operating - manual hand lever / worm gear
- pneumatic actuator
- electric actuator
Options - anti-static device
- manual operator locking device
- bonnet / stem extension
- heating jacket
- material selection for anti-corrosion, high & low temperature
 : inconel, monel, titanium, CF3M, aluminum bronze, etc.